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Holiday Classes

Themed or skill specific classes during school holidays taught in a fun and educational way.

Term time clubs

A 10 week programme for children to progressively build up on cooking skills.


Bespoke classes also available.  


Classes can be based on...


Healthy family meals;


Stress free dinner parties;


Specific international cuisine - Indian, Thai, Italian, Middle Eastern. 

Specific dietary intolerance - Vegan, gluten free, diary free.

Specific skills - Fresh pasta, sourdough, fermenting, sprouting

Bespoke classes are also available.

"Sayjel’s cookery classes for kids are exceptional and the classes offered so much more than I was expecting from a cookery class for young children. for My son walked away with an incredible amount of knowledge about food, nutrition, technique and taste. The recipes were diverse and didn’t shy away from introducing the children to cooking with a variety of ingredients. .....the kids had a great time and parents and children ended up as enthusiastic as we are!" Nicola H, Kensington

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