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Hello my name is Sayjel Patel and I run My Rainbow Kitchen.   I am a Leith's trained chef and Qualified Dietitian and passionate about teaching both Adults and Children how to cook. I teach both within Schools and in our new colourful teaching kitchen.

My love for colour translates in my cooking and like to use an abundance of colourful fruit and vegetables which is both seasonal and local.  I like to grow my own produce and use techniques such as fermenting and sprouting and use this to create simple healthy and flavourful dishes.


My dedicated classes for children are taught in a fun educational way using experiments and activities based around ingredients, food and eating. My adult classes are focused mainly on attaining specific skills to produce a variety of dishes ranging from the more traditional to more contemporary healthy dishes influenced from around the world!

"Sayjel creates a stimulating, engaging, and creative environment for children of all ages. I am thrilled that both my boys were able to come away from her cookery classes/workshops not only educated about food and nutrition but eager to start producing delicious food back at home.........I highly recommend her children’s cookery classes!"  Sally A, Richmond

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